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SolarZone Xtra Exterior Films

The SolarZone Xtra range of window films are special versions of many of our standard SolarZone window films, developed for installation on the exterior of the window, instead of on the interior (room side) of the glass.  Exterior films reject solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane cool and reducing the energy that penetrates inside even more effectively than a similar interior film.   SolarZone Xtra offers one of the best solutions for keeping interiors cooler in the summer, maximizing savings on energy costs, and upgrading energy efficiency.

We’ve developed our SolarZone Xtra exterior films to bring exceptional energy efficiency to almost all glazing types, and to complement many types of Low-E glass, providing summertime cooling without affecting the wintertime insulation efficiency of Low-E coatings.

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Silver Xtra

With a strong visual statement, excellent heat rejection,
and a speedy return on investment, Silver Xtra is the
popular choice for commercial projects.

SkyLite S20X

A reflective Silver exterior film specifically engineered
to withstand the demanding conditions of flat roof
glazing. Available with adhesive for glass or rigid
plastics such as polycarbonate.

Solar Bronze Xtra

Delivers high levels of heat rejection in a warm, yet
sophisticated, appearance.

Silver Matte 20 Xtra

Silver Matte Xtra provides interior comfort together with
two-way night and day privacy.


NEW! AzuLite 35 Xtra

AzuLite 35 Xtra high performance exterior film delivers a unique blue-toned appearance and exceptional solar performance. AzuLite transforms colored glazing to a sophisticated, low reflectance blue-silver. Compatible with almost all glazing types, AzuLite is the ideal solution for an aesthetic and energy-efficient makeover for tinted or clear glass.

Dual Reflective

Titan Xtra

Exterior films with a reflective, extremely energy efficient
outdoor appearance that gives excellent solar heat
rejection and rapid payback. The less reflective interior
maintains a pleasant indoor ambience.

Spectrally Selective

e-Lite Xtra

Hanita’s new premium e-Lite Xtra exterior films in 45% and 70% light transmission films curb the heat, without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass.   e-Lite Xtra provides an effective yet discrete energy saving solution that preserves the architectural integrity of high-end commercial and residential projects.
Hanita’s e-Lite Xtra exterior window films deliver a universal solution to installation on modern glazing units, enhancing the efficiency of high performing, reflective, tinted, laminated, or Low E glass.
e-Lite Xtra provide the highest levels of energy saving performance in their category, and are cost-effectively competitive with the most prestigious films on the market.

e-Lite Xtra exterior films are available in 45% and 70% VLT, with PS adhesive

OptiLite 75 Xtra

OptiLite’s subtle tint effectively filters heat-building IR
radiation, keeping the building cooler without noticeably
affecting the appearance of the glass.

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UV RejectedShading CoefficientSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Reflective Films
Silver 20 Xtra17%62%62%99%0.220.1981%
Silver 35 Xtra33%42%42%99%0.390.3466%
Silver 50 Xtra48%28%27%99%0.530.4654%
PolyZone Silver 20 Xtra16%63%64%99%0.220.1981%
Silver Matte 20 Xtra13%48%60%99%0.220.1981%
Solar Bronze 20 Xtra16%46%39%99%0.200.1783%
Solar Bronze 35 Xtra33%28%30%99%0.330.2981%
Skylite S20X15%63%66%99%0.200.1783%
PolyZone SkyLite15%63%66%99%0.200.1783%
AzuLite 35 Xtra33%21%15%99%0.510.4555%
Dual Reflective
Titan Xtra 078%17%55%99%0.200.1783%
Titan Xtra 2019%14%34%99%0.360.3169%
Titan Xtra 3536%14%22%99%0.500.4357%
Titan Xtra 5053%19%18%99%0.590.5149%
Spectrally Selective
e-Lite 45 Xtra47%12%17%99.9%0.450.3961%
e-Lite 70 Xtra67%17%18%99.9%0.540.4753%
OptiLite 75 Xtra76%9%9%99%0.620.5446%
Exterior Films 1st generation
Silver 20 Ext17%62%62%99%0.220.1981%
Silver 35 Ext33%42%42%99%0.390.3466%

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